Ассоциация Коммуникационных и Маркетинговых Агентств Беларуси
On June 1-2 the international MARKETING, ADVERTISING AND BRANDING DAYS CONFERENCE will take place at Minsk Marriott Hotel.

Participants-representatives of local and international brands will listen to more than 50 master-classes from speakers with international recognition and representatives of international jury of White Square Festival that will share their international experience, author cases and lots of insights.

Special correspondent of AKMA held series of interview with the speakers of the international conference. Today Cinzia Pallaoro, Executive Creative Director of Leagas Delaney Milan, Italy answered the questions.
Nowadays, representatives of marketing and communications industry all over the world are facing new challenges. How important is it to incorporate socially responsible marketing principles and human values in brand advertising campaigns?

As society, people's beliefs and behaviors evolve faster than brands, both advertising and marketing departments HAVE to update their way to communicate very fast. They have to evolve messages and languages. Advertising and communication have always contributed to accelerate change in society by spreading meaningful messages and virtuous behaviors. As communicators, we are responsible also in this new turning point to help building a more fair society and rise consciousness on important topics.

What trends in creativity, marketing and advertising have become most prominent around the world and may be relevant to those who work in the advertising and communications industry?

For sure all the new frontiers of technology are bringing us towards a huge transformation in these sectors. Think about the AI, which is supposed to be "the next big revolution" in our ways of living. We are talking about a profound transformation, just like the arrival of the smartphone has been. I think we are all thrilled to see were all this is going, and how, as communicators, we will be able to make the best out of all these new tools.

What role does creativity play in modern communications? Is its importance decreasing during the turbulence and rapid digitalization of marketing?

Creativity is and always will be fundamental for the human beings. Creativity has allowed us to become the human kind that we are today (with all the lights and shadows it involves). Creativity is the essence of evolution, of reinterpreting and recombining elements in the perpetual changes and challenges that humanity faces. I think in modern communication a lot of efficient messages can be created using only data analysis or AI. But the most meaningful ones will be driven by excellent creativity.

Why this topic of the master class that you will be presenting at the conference is close to you? What experience would you like to share with the participants?

I want to share with the clients the beliefs that brave communication moves mountains. Nowadays, brand has to be brave and take position about relevant themes. New generations expects strong messages: they expects meaningful actions and clear positions (see Nike with the " Black lives matter"). Of course, brave communication can be uncomfortable. However, in a perspective of young people being less and less influenced by "classic" advertising, impactful and relevant messages or actions will allow brands to not disappear from people's consideration.

What inspires you in a profession and what you can wish the participants of the business program of festival?

I wish you'll never lose the spark and the will to take risks. I wish you to have the courage to speak clearly and fairly. As communicators, we are wonderfully responsible of constant acts of creation: filling empty spaces with messages that will be seen and heard by millions of people. I wish you all can make this messages little bricks in the building of a more equal and free world.