Association of Communication and Marketing Agencies is a professional association of companies working in the industry of marketing communications, creative, digital, branding and media innovation.
Mission of ACMA

To contribute to the development of the industry, reaching a qualitatively new professional level of its participants in order to increase the competitiveness of companies in the sphere of marketing and communication of Belarus in the domestic and foreign markets, the development of fair competition and socially responsible business.
Tasks of ACMA

Development of program of development of advertising market of Belarus;

Implementation and promotion of industrial standards, ethical rules of tendering;

Suggestion of initiatives forming consensus point of view between participants of ad market and government, including questions on improving legislation in the sphere of advertising;

Increasing of quality of education of industrial specialists; search, development and involvement of young talents; organizing of active practice of traineeships;

Implementation of new progressive industrial trends, including educational programs and industrial events – conferences, festivals etc;

Solving of socially important problems, development of quality of social advertising, social responsibility of ad industry for results of its activity;

Exchange of up-to-date international experience, representation of Belarusian communications market on international arena.
International Initiatives of ACMA
ACMA is a strategic partner of ACAR, RAMU and CAA (China Advertising Association).

ACMA is an official representative of festivals KIAF, Wow Done, Ad Black Sea, organized by festival Idea!, festival of marketing services Silver Mercury, festival of territorial marketing Open Volga, Latvian Golden Hammer. AKMA has established close collaboration with Russian Association of Marketing Services, Association of Branding Companies of Russia, Estonian Association of Marketing and Communications Agencies, Latvian Advertising Association.

ACMA projects:

A number of industrial projects, known in Belarus and far beyond its borders, take place on the initiative of the ACMA:
International Festival of Marketing and Advertising "White Square"
Local Advertising Festival LAMA
Effie Awards Belarus
Marketing Efficiency Award ADMA AWARDS
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