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On June 1-2 the international MARKETING, ADVERTISING AND BRANDING DAYS CONFERENCE will take place at Minsk Marriott Hotel. Participants-representatives of local and international brands will listen to more than 50 master-classes from speakers with international recognition: more than 30 speakers will speak offline, and representatives of international jury of White Square Festival will share the tips of creative efficiency in online-format.

Special correspondent of AKMA held series of interview with the speakers of the international conference. Today Nicoletta Stefanidou, Co-Founder and Creative Chief Officer Tinker Tailor from Hong Kong were answered the questions.
Nowadays, representatives of marketing and communications industry all over the world are facing new challenges. How important is it to incorporate socially responsible marketing principles and human values in brand advertising campaigns?

Incorporating human values into any campaign is imperative during these times, it allows brands to address important social and environmental issues. With their influence they can help raise awareness on a more emotional level, promoting a positive change and a real difference to the world.

What trends in creativity, marketing and advertising have become most prominent around the world and may be relevant to those who work in the advertising and communications industry?

Purpose-driven marketing, personalisation, immersive experiences, user-generated content, and influencer marketing are still some of the most prominent trends in creativity, marketing, and advertising around the world right now. All of us who work in the advertising and communications industry should be aware of these trends and incorporate them into their strategies to stay competitive and relevant.

And then there is Ai. Ai has of course taken over with a rapid speed, questioning our ways of working, training and everything we learned so far. We need to adjust to this rapid change and see AI more as a tool, rather than a replacement. Ai can help us explore more options and ways of thinking, reducing processes and getting to results faster. We do however need to retain our moral compass and unique human judgment to let avoid for things to get out of hand, ultimately we are responsible for making ethical decisions.

How do you feel about the rapid development of new technologies, including AI? In your opinion, will it be able to replace the people working in creativity and advertising, or vice versa, be a useful tool for them?

I don't think that Ai will replace creativity altogether, as mentioned above, we still need to apply our skills in order to "guide" Ai to get the desired results. It's not just about creating new ideas with amazingly polished results, it's about expressing our human emotions, creating experiences and telling stories that are compelling and that resonate with people. All of which are typically human qualities that may be difficult for ai to replicate. Ai will become increasingly a more important tool to help generate new ideas and bring them to life in new ways.

What role does creativity play in modern communications? Is its importance decreasing during the turbulence and rapid digitalization of marketing?

Creativity has the power to unleash and reframe a brands message in new and exciting ways. It helps to connect to consumers on a meaningful level, making brands more relevant and talked about. Creativity can bring endless ways of new expressions, channels and tools, and the most successful brands leverage this to increase their brand value and sales. Plus, data driven communication have created new opportunities in finding a vacuum of an idea by analyzing customer data to gain insights into their customers behavior and preferences, allowing to deliver more personalized and relevant experiences. Creativity and it's importance keeps evolving within the rapidly changing landscape. It will always be a powerful tool, regardless of the industry.

Why this topic of the master class that you will be presenting at the conference is close to you? What experience would you like to share with the participants?

This topic of cultural diversity in creative leadership is close to me because of my experience working in various international teams and collaborating with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds. I have learned firsthand the importance of adapting to different work and communication styles, and cultural nuances to successfully lead and deliver creative work that resonates with local audiences.

Through this master-class, I would like to share my experiences and insights on how to navigate cultural differences and manage diverse teams effectively. I will provide practical strategies and tools for building a culturally sensitive and inclusive work environment, as well as showcase examples of successful campaigns that effectively target local audiences.

Overall, my goal is to inspire and empower participants to become more adaptable, flexible, and agile leaders who can navigate cultural differences with confidence and creativity.

What inspires you in a profession and what you can wish the participants of the business program of festival?

I am inspired by anyone who pursue their work with never ending energy and passion, no matter the profession. This energy can be infectious and I am wishing everyone attending the festival to get inspired by the excellent program and creative examples shown.