Ассоциация Коммуникационных и Маркетинговых Агентств Беларуси
The goal of this Rating is to objectively rank Belarusian agencies and production studios based on the awards they have won at advertising festivals and competitions throughout the year.

The ACMA creativity rating is intended to serve as an industrial benchmark when choosing a partner in the market, promote the Belarusian advertising industry in foreign markets, increase the creative level of agencies, creating an opportunity for fair professional competition and motivating the creation of modern creative projects.

The list of festivals and the weight of awards is determined by ACMA member agencies included in the Rating based on the results of the previous year, and members of the ACMA Board.

The ACMA creativity rating is a rating of Belarusian agencies that have scored points for prizes and shortlists in all competitions/categories listed below 20 festivals in 2019.

Each festival has its own coefficient.
* excluding concepts


Coefficients of awarding points for received awards:

for the shortlist - the festival coefficient multiplied by 1;
for 3rd place (Bronze) - festival coefficient multiplied by 3;
for 2nd place (Silver) - festival coefficient multiplied by 5.
for 1 place (Gold) - the festival coefficient multiplied by 9.
for the award" Best work of the competition " (Best of contest) - the coefficient of the festival, multiplied by 15;
for Grand Prix-the festival coefficient multiplied by 18.

For each work within the same festival and category, points are awarded only once, depending on the maximum result shown.

Special prizes/awards of jury members at all festivals are counted with a coefficient of 0.5. Special prizes from festival partners awarded without the participation of a professional jury are not counted in the rating.

A series of works that won prizes or were shortlisted in the Rating receives points in accordance with the rules of festivals.

Points in the Rating are credited to the company that submitted and paid for the application for the festival.

If the work was submitted by several companies involved in the creation of this work, the points are divided equally between the companies.

All agencies registered on the territory of the Republic of Belarus that have received awards at festivals included in the rating list of festivals automatically participate in the Rating. Agencies are legal entities of any form of ownership whose advertising activity is declared as one of the types of activity.