Ассоциация Коммуникационных и Маркетинговых Агентств Беларуси
The 2023 China International Public Service Advertising Conference, jointly hosted by the Publicity Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee and the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, will be held in Beijing in November 2023. The Conference, which was formerly held as the Beijing International Public Service Advertising Conference since 2019, focuses on public service advertising and responsible marketing, aiming to set up an international insights-sharing and knowhow-learning platform to promote the public service advertising to play a more active role and better serve for the economic and social development.

The conference includes a competitive part, which allows participants to demonstrate the best solutions to the most pressing social problems at the international level, and also contributes to a fruitful exchange of professional experience and the formation of prospects for globalization and development of the advertising industry.
The organisator of the Conference is China Advertising Association, strategic partner of which for long years is Association of Communication and Marketing Agencies.

Mission of ACMA – to help the development of advertising industry in Belarus, to broaden advertising market, so its participants could reach a new professional level with the aim to increase competitiveness of the representatives of Belarusian communications industry either on local or foreign markets.

ACMA members, White Square Festival participants and partners have the opportunity to showcase their projects to the international jury of the The Creativity Competition, a major part of the Conference 2023, for free.

Projects completed between January 1, 2022 and September 30, 2023, as well as unpublished projects are accepted. Entries can be submitted in 4 categories:
- press
- video
- audio
- interactive (new media).

The entry should be original work(s) that have positive energy and unique creativity, express sincere emotions. It should be well-produced, elaborate and delicate, and should have well-organized structure and touching and heart-warming force.

Detailed information about technical requirements is in Entry Kit.

To participate, please send a link to Google Drive containing the entries and the completed registration form to konkurs@adfest.by by September 28, 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact konkurs@adfest.by.

The winners of the China International Social Advertising Conference will be announced and published in international media in November 2023.