Ассоциация Коммуникационных и Маркетинговых Агентств Беларуси
2020 Effie Awards Belarus winners announced
AIDA Pioneer Group named Most Effective Agency of the Year

Voka / A1 named Most Effective Advertiser of the Year

TDI Group awarded Grand Effie for 'Voka Smartfake'

Six Gold Effies awarded overall

The virtual Effie Belarus 2020 Awards show, held on Tuesday night, November 17, delivered a further eight Silver and ten Bronze awards.

Alena Ustinovich, Chairman of Board of Association of Communications and Marketing Agencies of Belarus, producer of Effie Awards Belarus: '2020 has become a real challenge for marketing industry globally, and for Belarus in particular. Not only because of Covid-19, but also because of current situation in Belarusian society. Since the beginning of the year, many brands have cancelled their communications projects, and therefore the result that we have achieved in terms of total number and quality of entries can be called indicative, especially since it's yet the second edition for Effie Belarus. When organizing the award, we observed global Effie standards and did a great job positioning Effie brand among both agencies and brands, running workshops and assisting the participants in preparation of their cases. At this stage, after everything is completed, we can confidently say that this experience is absolutely precious for our market, very helpful to support marketing industry, improve the competencies of marketers and agencies, enhance their synergy and celebrate the ideas that really work. The number of participants of Effie Awards Belarus increased by 87% compared to last year, with most of the projects implemented by local Belarusian agencies and brands. In the future, we would highly appreciate global Effie community's support to attract international brands to the number of participants, business forum inclusive, to further develope the skillset, learnings and practices of all the players of Belarusian marketing and communications market'.

Effie Awards Belarus, launched in 2019, aims to annually identify and celebrate the most effective marketing communications implemented in Belarusian market that have proven their effectiveness for business growth. Based on Effie Awards Belarus results annual Effie Belarus Ranking – local ranking of most effective brands and agencies – is being announced.

View the full list of 2020 Effie Awards Belarus winners.

Association of Communication and Marketing Agencies of Belarus – organizer of Effie Awards Belarus – invites all Effie Partners to cooperation. Feel free to reach out to meet via emails: info@effie.by и savchuck@adfest.by